Summer 2023!

Santa Pod Raceway Track

VW Breakout 2023

It was hard to believe that this freestyle event was my first ever one!  It’s crazy to think that during lockdown I just wanted to learn to jump a freestyle ramp for fun and from seeing other freestyle shows from a young age it was something I always wanted to try.  I never thought it would lead to the amazing opportunities I now have!  It made me reflect on my career so far and to remind people that you should never stop believing in yourself and that with hard work and dedication great things do happen and this event was certainly one I will not forget.

The weekend itself was a whirlwind literally as we battled during our shows with the wind but with my amazing team mates, we certainly overcame this challenge and the feedback from the audience and the event organisers was unreal and we hope now this is the first of many to come!

January 2023!

Happy New Year to you all, my year is off and running and my training has taken me and my new bike to Lleides FMX Park in Spain! 

The atmosphere at the park was amazing and great to meet so many other amazing riders and gain valuable training.  My 2023 has really started with a bang and I cant wait for the new season to start!

15th August 2022 – New bike KTM SXF 450!

Finally, all built and ready to send, my new SXF 450!  Thanks to everyone who has helped me get it all finished.

3rd August 2022 – Motover Day

Had an amazing day down at the Motover Day and this is what they had to say about us;
“The guys from OMG FMX and The Grizzle Squad took to the skies and performed tricks for the very entertained crowd over a 60ft gap! Huge thank you to both teams for making a real show of it!
Watch out for more photos and footage from the show coming soon.

25th July 2022 – Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Electric Bike

World’s first challenge! The Bad Boy Chiller Crew came down to see us in Scarborough today and brought with them the new Talaria electric motocross e-bike to test in the globe of speed in a world’s first attempt!  The speed the bike had made it effortless to ride.  Brilliant experience to try one out and a great day with the crew.

June 2022 – UK’s youngest stunt rider aged 4!

Pedro AKA ‘Petrol Pedro’ has sparked a lot of interest over the past 18 moths and has featured in many local and national news articles.  Due to the demand from the public, he now has his very own Facebook and Instagram pages and is followed by people from all over the world who interested to follow his story as it unfolds.
Pedro is the 5th generation of circus performers and from been a tiny baby has experienced circus life on a daily basis and has always shown an interest in the motorbikes and sits in awe and amazement watching the Globe of Speed and FMX teams.
Pedro received his first balance bike at the age of 2 and took to it instantly and within 6 months we had to upgrade it to an electric bike which he then started to experiment doing tricks on and by his 3rd birthday he had his first motorbike which reaches speeds of up to 35mph!  Now aged 4 he has his own trailer with all his bikes and equipment in and even has his own custom-made air bag and ramp for practicing his FMX jumps!
Pedro now joins his family on stage for the finale and high 5’s the children. He even now knows the music and the right time to appear on stage like a true showman! 
Pedro is currently perfecting his tricks on his motorbike and jumps but has already had a few sessions in the globe of speed with his uncle which he loves and can manage 20 minutes of training before getting dizzying!
Biting at Petrol Pedro’s heels is younger brother Tiago AKA Turbo Tiago who is only 3 years old and already mastered the electric bike and loves nothing more than riding with his big brother and having fun. You can check them out and follow their fun at Pedro_pavlov3 and tiago_pavlov27 on their Instagram pages or on Pedro’s Facebook page called Pedro Pavlov UK’s Youngest Stunt Rider.
Santa Pod Raceway Track
OMG FMX Team 2023
Lleides FMX Park, Spain
New KTM SXF 450
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Bad Boy Chiller Crew
Pedro 2022