Event, Hire & Shows

The Peter Pavlov team are so proud to be able to perform nationwide at some amazing venues and events.  If you are looking for a fresh, unique, edge of your seat shows for people of all ages, catered to your show needs, then look no further!
We have a completely mobile show and can perform at a variety of indoor and outdoor events large or small. We have our world class OMG FMX team which can come with one or a full team of riders and can include onboard commentary to explain our tricks and stunts whilst taking off on our mobile ramps and flying through the air landing on our airbags and can perform to a set piece of music.  
Mobile FMX Air bag in Action
Dismantled Globe and Truck
Air Ramp, Globe and FMX Kicker
Dismantled Globe on Trailer
We also have our amazing variety of globe of Speed Globes which vary in sizes and can come with one or up to a record-breaking number of SEVEN riders performing inside the globe at once! This really has to be seen to be believed and has been compared to something you would only see in Vegas!
If you are really wanting a unique WOW factor at your event, which will leave everyone on the edge of your seat we can offer our unique OMG package which includes both the FMX stunts and globe of speed were the riders jump right over the globe speed in our world-class record-breaking show and then you will realise why we have OMG in our name!
The international team has years of experience and performed on various TV shows and live event work and would be more than happy to collaborate with any TV, live show, film companies or events across the UK and beyond.  We can cater to your event’s specific needs and timings and can perform a number of shows per day or over a set period of time.
If you have any ‘Events and Sponsorship’ enquiries or would like more information please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team!