Welcome to the Peter Pavlov OMG FMX Team!

Freestyle motocross, also known as FMX, is a variation on the sport of motocross in which motorcycle riders perform gravity defying jumps, stunts and tricks. Within our circus show act we ride straight inside the big top and freestyle over the top of the audience, and the globe of speed before landing at the other side on our specially designed air bag before riding out the back and doing it again!  This act really does need to be seen to be believed then you realise why we are called OMG! We can perform this stunt almost anywhere with our portable equipment and for that added OMG effect why not team it up with the Globe of Speed as well!

Profile: Peter Pavlov (UK)

Age: 22

Nationality: English/Bulgarian

Age first learnt to ride motorbike: 3 

Bike you ride: KTM SX 450 

Hobbies: Motorcycling & learning new FMX tricks

Greatest Achievement: Performing at the London Pallidum in the Globe of speed. 

Profile: Brody Knibs (UK)

Age: 27 

Nationality: English 

Age first learnt to ride motorbike: 9 

Bike you ride: KTM SX 450

Hobbies: Rock climbing, motocross, BMX and MTB 

Greatest Achievement: First backflip to dirt.

Profile: Henrique Balestrin (Brazil)

Age: 29 

Nationality: Brazilian 

Age first learnt to ride motorbike: 15 

Bike you ride: KTM 250 


Greatest Achievement: Competing at the Brazilian FMX Championship and winning the ‘Best Whip.